These are 5 signs your car may need an engine oil change

We rely on vehicles to take us to various locations. such as a trip across the country, our places of work and back, to go shopping, visit a friend etc. All these movements will create wear and tear on the car engine. You should know the work of engine oil is to lubricate an engine, reduce friction and reduce the wear and tear created within the engine components. You should also know that engine oil does more than lubricate engines and special engine oils such as nano adrenaline produced by Lubcon perfectly lubricants and repair engines. 


These are 5 signs your car may need an engine oil change:

Mileage or time

The engine oil of a car gathers impurities over time as the vehicle is used, in addition, it darkens the oil also. It ends up making the engine oil lose its viscosity over time (ability to lubricate effectively) 

It is highly recommended to change your engine oil every 1 -2 months or every 3,000- 5,000 mileage covered – whichever comes first. 

while for synthetic oil, anything from an 8,000 mileage or at least 6-month usage. Synthetic oil lasts longer in the engine than a mineral base oil

Tip* Checking your oil every morning is a very good practice for a car owner, it also helps in knowing when a change is required.


Car indicators or gauge

Cars produced nowadays come with lots of indicators. whenever there is a red light that shows up on your car gauge.

Whenever the light of your oil indicator comes on while driving, find a safe place to park and put off the engine. The red indicator could mean you have a low oil or it could just be a faulty gauge.

*Tips* Try changing your engine oil to the one recommended by your carmaker, it makes your engine last longer.


Engine Sounds

As earlier stated, the work of the oil in a vehicle is to lubricate the engine but whenever the oil goes dry or it is extremely low, the component of the engine will begin to grind against one another which creates tapping or knocking sounds as a result of metal-to-metal friction. 

Friction can also occur when the engine oil has lost it. You need to check your oil frequently by using your car dipstick.


Car Smoke

Whenever your engine oil is low, the car might start releasing a white smoke with a slight smell of burning smell.

 You can check content on what does the smoke coming out of your car tells you? It will equip you better on how to respond to car smoke situations.


Dark Engine Oil

Engine oil usually comes in light gold colour, but there are circumstances where the colour is influenced by additives which may make it come in other darker colours.

These additives make the engine oil darken quickly but this situation may not necessarily mean it needs a change. However, a change of oil might be required when the viscosity of the oil is nearly spent

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