ATF Dexron II

ATF Dexron II is a transmission fluid designed for cars that have automatic transmissions. It’s also used in some more modern manual transmission cars. Our ATF Dexron II meets the requirements of automatic transmissions and helps with various functions.

Benefits/advantages of using ATF Detron II

  • It helps in economising fuel consumption
  • It helps the car run better
  • Helps in maintaining fluid pressure
  • It prevents rust
  • It is used to cool car transmissions.


  • Pour your ATF Dextron II  into the gearbox.

Where to get ATF Detron

ATF Detron II is a product of Lubcon Limited and can be bought at any of our depots nationwide. 

***It is highly recommended on having your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

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