Rugged Elite

Rugged Elite 5w40 is a top-tier engine oil produced by Lubcon, designed to give new vehicles complete protection without compromise. It is recommended for use in all new vehicles with modern engine technology that requires using SAE 5W40. Also, RUGGED ELITE is made from carefully selected base stock and additives making the oil very effective in protecting the car engine as you use it.


  • Better protection from wear
  • Better fuel economy
  • Cleaner engine than other available synthetics
  • Excellent protection in extreme heat.
  • Longer drain interval than any leading synthetic in the market.


  • Drain bad/old engine oil from the engine tank.
  • Pour Rugged Elite 5w40 oil into the engine oil tank.

Where to get Rugged Elite 5w40

Rugged Elite 5w40 is a product of Lubcon Limited and can be bought at the Lubcon store or any of our depots nationwide. 

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