Super Resurs 20w50

SUPER RESURS is an engine lubricant with advanced chemistry formulation to reduce fuel consumption considerably and gives extended drain time in most high-performance petrol, diesel and turbocharged passenger cars, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and light vans.

Benefits/advantages of using Super Resurs 20w50

  • Enhanced oxidation resistance
  • Provide maximum protection against wear, rust, and corrosion.
  • It prevents deposit formation and
  • It protects the engine against soot buildup.
  • It makes an engine 2X Cleaner for prolonged durability.


  • Drain bad/old engine oil from the engine tank.
  • Pour new oil into the engine tank.

Where to get Lucon engine treatment

Super Resurs 20w50 is a product of Lubcon Limited with nanotechnology and can be found in the Lubcon store

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