Resurs Next

Lucon Reurs-Next is addictive with nanotechnology, produced with the aim of reducing smoking cars and giving extended. It is used with any engine oil.

Benefits/advantages of using Resurs-Next

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 7-10 %
  • Increases compression by up to 50%
  • Significantly reduces or totally eliminates oil shortage
  • Prevents overheating and cold starts
  • Prevents dry friction under high loads
  • Increases engine life if used regularly up to 2 times
  • Cleans exhaust gases reduce emissions of CH by 1,5 times
  • Reduced engine noise


Main active ingredient – nano-powder of cuprum, tin and silver compound gets into the friction zone and creates a metal plating layer on the surface of the components. It can smooth all metal surface defects and improve the performance of a cylinder group and camshaft bearings.

RESURS NEXT doesn’t change the properties of motor oil, but it uses motor oil to move nano-particles to zones of friction and wear. Under high temperatures and pressure, the nano-particles activate and start to restore worn metal surfaces.

RESURS NEXT forms a porous structure, which as a foam keeps oil in the friction zone, preventing the engine parts from wearing during cold starting or during overheating.


  • Drain bad/old engine oil from the engine tank.
  • Pure new oil into the engine oil tank.
  • Squeeze Resurs-next into the engine oil tank 

Where to get Resurs-Next

Resurs-next is a product of Lubcon Limited with nanotechnology and can be bought at the Lubcon e-store or any of our depots nationwide. 

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