Nano Adrenalin 5w30

Nano-Adernalin 5w30 is an engine lubricant with advanced chemistry formulation to reduce fuel consumption considerably and gives extended drain time in most high-performance petrol, diesel and turbocharged passenger cars, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and light vans.

Benefits/advantages of using Nano-Adrenalin 5w30

  • Repair worn-out components of the engine that have been created by the working pumps.
  • Gives up to ten times the life of other lubricant products
  • It reduces fuel consumption
  • It gives you a clean engine
  • Engine oil can be used for months/ more than 8000 millages before a change is required.


  • Drain bad/old engine oil from the engine tank.
  • Pour new oil into the engine oil tank.

Where to get Nano-Adernalin 5w30

Nano-Adernalin 5w30 is a product of Lubcon Limited with nanotechnology and can be bought at the Lubcon store or any of our depots nationwide. The store contains both Nano adrenalin 1 litre and  5 litres

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