Defenda L14

Defenda L14 decreases friction inside the engine. With the reduced quantity of deposits, engine efficiency is greatly improved. Defenda L14 ensures that the detergent properties of the oil are not degraded.

Suitable for Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, and LPG engines, Compatible with all types of oils.

Advantages/benefits of using Defenda L14

  • Reduces engine noise
  • Keeps engine temperature at a standard degree while running
  • It restores engine
  • Reduces oil burn.
  • Reduces fuel consumption


Squeeze the content of the tube into the engine for the full dose.

Instruction for use.

  • it is recommended to warm the engine to a working temperature for 10 minutes and then switch it off.
  • Squeeze the content into the oil filler tube of the engine.
  • Idle the engine or drive for 20 minutes.

***Shelf life – 5 years

Where to get Lucon engine treatment

The Defenda L14 is a product of Lubcon Limited and can be found in the Lubcon store. It is addictive, used for treating car engines and can be used with any engine oil change. The Denda L14 is a very effective product that gives your car engine an everlasting effect.

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